The blog begins

For now I'm talking to myself, but I trust this will change at some point in time.

I have mixed feelings about blogs; on the one hand there are simply too many of them, and a great deal of the blogs out there are filled with the mindless babblings of people who would better serve the online community by lurking more. On the other hand, some blogs--especially those in the Gawker network, especially Life Hacker and Gizmodo. I personally do not see how I was able to live a score and five years without these invaluable troves of information and wisdom. Being the consummate producer, I wanted to contributed, but couldn't figure out how to transform my interests into something readible and useful, until I realized that my linguistic skills and personal interests make me a perfect Design blogger.

And so, here it is: Monologous, a blog about design. The first design post after the jump.


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